Perth, WA 6149

Please Note: Always contact the schools directly to check current zoning prior to purchasing or renting a property. Any online local-intake area maps should be based on a written description of the local-intake area (LIA) for the school as published in the WA Government Gazette. Although maps may closely represent the LIA description, for some houses near the boundary (especially on street corners), it may be necessary to refer to the written description in the latest Gazette. The street address of a residence is used to determine whether that dwelling is inside a particular LIA. While local-intake areas for most schools do not change from year to year, changes may be made to local-intake areas as required. Such changes are published in the WA Government Gazette.

Schools Boundaries / Catchment in Leeming:

Leeming Senior High School Boundaries – AulBerry Parade (off Findlay Street)
Leeming Primary School Boundaries – Meharry Road (off Burnett Avenue)
West Leeming Primary School Boundaries – corner of Westall Terrace and Calley Drive

Education Department – Leeming Schools Maps:

Leeming Senior High – see Local Intake Area
Leeming Senior High Education Support Centre – see Local Intake Area
Leeming Primary School – see Local Intake Area
West Leeming Primary School – see Local Intake Area

Other Feeder Schools for Leeming High:

Bullcreek Primary School – Leeming SHS / Willetton SHS Optional
Yidarra Catholic Primary School – Leeming SHS / Rossmoyne SHS optional
Blue Gum Montessori School – Leeming SHS / Lakeland SHS Optional